About Us

We are the leading sales and distribution outlet in East Africa for CCTVs, Desktop Computers, Laptops, LCD Screens, Tablets and High Resolutions Cameras and DVRs. With all our CCTV products and workmanship being totally guaranteed, we bring you the best of CCTV Camera Systems with advanced mature technology. Our megapixel, vandal-resistant and other cameras brings you crystal clear pictures, day & night.

We are a distributor to a World Class CCTV manufacturers and our design is based on the criteria of innovation, integrity and reliability.

We started in 2007 in Kenya with Computers, Laptops, LCD, Cameras, Hi-Tech Digital Vision We offers high quality CCTV Cameras, H.264 Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Network Video Recorders (NVR), IP Cameras and CCTV Accessories. We complete in the Provision of ICT and ICT related solutions.

We cover the market and target our customers with complete ICT and Security Systems solutions. We serve three prominent group of Customers

  • The Public Sector Clients – For large Scales Systems – Customized Purchase, Installation and maintenance,
  • The Corporate and Business Sector – Where we work with our clients in providing latest and state of the art systems in both ICT systems and Security Systems
  • SMEs and Individuals – Developing the house hold and the SME packages with the intention of cost reduction and maximum advantage.

Lotex Technologies is known for his high quality and Hi-Tech CCTV & Security Systems.

We are one of the leading suppliers of innovative and high quality Security Systems including CCTV, Access Controls, Alarm Systems that complement and enhance the functionality of high-performance equipment.

To meet the present market trends, Lotex Technologies is partnering with some world class CCTV and other security device manufacturers to showcase development and trend in the security camera industry thus revolutionizing a change and at the same time starting a new era for the CCTV’s security and surveillance industry.


Lotex Technologies’ vision in East Africa is to become a center leading surveillance solutions provider throughout East Africa, by transforming surveillance technology from some of the most advanced markets in the world to a household device in Africa. Creating centers for affordable CCTV Cameras, H.264 Digital Video Recorders, IP Cameras and CCTV Accessories and ICT solutions.

Mission Statement

Our mission in East and Central Africa is to massively improve security situation across the spectrum.